Caffe’ Roast Bean

My friend, Allie, was doing some exploring in the city the other day and stumbled upon this gem. The Caffe’ Roast Bean is primarily a coffee shop that also sells frozen yogurt and pastries.

caffe roast bean
The self-serve wall in Caffe’ Roast Bean.

Location: 793 6th Ave. (Corner of 27th St. and 6th Ave.), Manhattan.
Price: $0.39 per ounce.
Flavor Choices: Almost too many to choose from! Strawberry, Country Vanilla, Mango, Pineapple, New York Cheesecake, Chocolate Classic, Pistachio, Euro Tart (original), Cookies and Cream, and Cappuccino. I highly recommend Cappuccino, Country Vanilla, or Cookies and Cream.
Topping Choices: Again, a copious amount is available. Kiwi, watermelon, blueberries, grapes, raisins, strawberries, crumbled Oreo bits, pineapple squares, coconut shavings, Chex Mix, chocolate chips, chocolate sprinkles, rainbow sprinkles (!), M&Ms, and nuts.

+ Self serve!
+ Very cheap. This sign that advertised its price of $0.39 per ounce is what originally drew Allie into the shop.
+ The yogurt is light, similar to Pinkberry’s.
+ The yogurt is not tart like Pinkberry’s. I personally don’t like tart things. This personal positive might be your negative.

*I have yet to find a negative, and I’ve been three times.


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