Pinkberry was the only frozen yogurt chain that I knew of before I moved to Manhattan. Any high-end chain that reaches Goshen, NY must be a giant.
Everyone in this city goes bonkers over Pinkberry. The company chose to acknowledge their popularity by adding a “groupie” link on their webpage, I had always wanted to try Pinkberry. After learning that the company has groupies, I put it at the top of my list.

Location: 170 8th Avenue, Manhattan. There are twelve other locations in Manhattan. Most of the other branches of the chain are located in California, where the brand originated.
Taste: Tart. It is very light and won’t make you feel guilty for indulging. It stays colder than the machines in FIT’s cafe, so it is firmer and less like soup.
Price: $$. $4.84 for a small with toppings. (I got a small original with crumbled Oreo bits on top.)
Flavor Choices: Some variety. Original, Pomegranate, Coconut, and Passionfruit. Pomegranate, Coconut, and Pomegranate are seasonal flavors. The original is available year-round. Parfaits and smoothies are also available.
Topping choices: Lots of ’em! Kiwi, Captain Crunch cereal, Raspberries, crumbled Oreo bits, blackberries, strawberries, craisins, banana chunks, Hershey Kisses, chocolate shavings, Fruity Pebbles, blueberries, coconut shavings, and additional seasonal fruits.

+ Plenty of flavor and topping choices!
+ Not a heavy yogurt, so you won’t feel guilty or bloated after eating it.
+ Serving sizes are pretty big. Even though it is pricey, you’re paying for a lot.
+ There are a lot of locations. It’s easily accessible to people living in the city.
– It’s pricey. 😦


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